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What Clients Are Saying

Diana worked hard to find the right property, we saw alot of stinkers but she was not deterred and she kept me encouraged. She was always upbeat about our prospects, and kept the focus on our goals. She went the extra mile to find out details about properties. She was able to get us into our home on time, despite builder delays...she was on the phone to the builder and others to make sure our move in date happened. It was a real hail Mary! She even followed up after closing to see how things were going. Her attention to details and customer service is beyond what anyone should expect, its what you would expect from a friend! Thanks Diana!

Becky from Swartz Creek

Above and Beyond

Diana was very knowledgable and was able to get answers for every one of my questions. She was very helpful in knowing what we could do to increase the value of the home. Everything was done in a timely manner. She went above and beyond her job as a realtor in many ways.

Katie from Davison